About Us



What is the "bulletproof" way to achieve abundance and fulfillment in all areas of one's life? Gratitude.

Our goal, here at PIF Rocks, is to spread happiness and gratitude throughout the entire world! We believe that society, as a whole, will be a much more welcoming place if everyone does their part in developing and maintaining a positive and healthy mindset.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “A man is a product of his thoughts. Whatever he thinks, he becomes.”? This idea directly relates to the concept known as the Law of Attraction, which is what PIF Rocks' mission is all about. The Law of Attraction states, "Whatever you focus your attention on, be it something positive or something negative, the universe will cause it to grow."  Too often people are focused and worried about the things they don't want, instead of the things they do want. As a result, we have designed our products and our message to serve as a reminder to be grateful, which helps everyone develop a more positive mindset and attracts a more positive lifestyle.

While pushing happiness and gratitude, we also want to continuously spread love and compassion, which is why we practice Paying It Forward.  The concept of Pay It Forward is selflessly performing random acts of kindness for people in need. This spurs on more random acts of kindness that help more people in need. Gradually, this improves the lives of many individuals. When people genuinely help other people in need, it creates a continuous cycle of kindness that leads to a more caring community.

We would like to empower everyone to shift into a more positive mindset that will result in abundance and fulfillment. With every one of our products, we include a specially crafted message that puts these key ideas into play and offers a new perspective that can be beneficial to anyone. PIF Rocks' serve as a reminder to be grateful, loving, caring, and compassionate. We encourage you to pay it forward and share the wonderful gift of gratitude with everyone around you!

We hope you enjoy our products, our message and most importantly our positive lifestyle.

PIF Rocks!